Imagine a world where all you need is a dry cloth to make stains and spills disappear.

Complicated cleaning procedures are no longer necessary with Zenus. Stains such as ink, mustard, wine, lipstick, blood, and urine can all be cleaned with just a dry cloth. No harsh chemical is necessary!

How Is This Possible?

Zenus has multiple layers of skin that prevents stains and liquids from entering the textile layer. Stains and liquids stay on the surface without infiltrating and harming the textile.

Easy Cleaning

Stains / Spills / Ink Marks: Dry towel* Dried Wet Stains: Dry towel + Water

Water – based (W) or Alcohol- based (S) cleaners can be used to clean any remaining stains.

*Depending on the texture of the fabric, remnants of the stains may remain in the deep valley if not reached properly by a cloth. Use water or diluted alcohol to help get the stains out completely.

Clean Naturally

With Zenus, you no longer need to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners. There is no greener way to clean texiles than with just a clean dry cloth and water!

Can I Use Water/Alcohol Based Cleaners, Bleach or Virex?

Not an issue! Water and alcohol based cleaners , bleach (dilute 4:1) and Virex can all be used on Zenus fabrics .

How Can I Disinfect Zenus Fabrics?

All Zenus fabrics can be disinfected from viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew with Virex or bleach (diluted 4:1) cleaners.

Bleach Cleaning Procedure

A 4:1 diluted bleach solution should be sprayed or blotted onto the stain. A clean cloth or sponge dipped in clean water should then be applied to take out any excess solution and remove any residue of the bleach. Prolonged contact of bleach should be avoided.

*For best results, all spills and stains should be addressed immediately .
*All cleaning agents must be rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

*US & International Patents Registered/Pending