Clean is Beautiful
Zenus is the next evolution of performance fabrics. With its Dry-Care Technology, stains and spills can be cleaned with just a dry towel. It is eco-friendly, bleach cleanable, and highly durable redefining contract textiles.

What is Zenus Fabric?

Zenus begins from the inception of the yarn to the final finish to produce the highest performing
and easiest to clean fabric on the market. Zenus is not a finish, but a textile born to perform.

What is Zenus Technology?

The difficulty of protecting textiles from stains stem from its open woven nature. Zenus applies
multiple layers of skin on top of the textile to create a solid surface without sacrificing the look
and touch of the fabric. This solid skin prevents moisture, stains and other foreign materials from
entering the textile layer. The industry’s original graffiti-free finish is then incorporated into the
skin to become the first ink erasable fabric.

How is Zenus different from other finishes?

Stain Resistance: Zenus has a permanent graffiti-free skin layer on the textile that allows stains and spills to be wiped away with just a dry cloth. (See Zenus Care FAQ sheet)
Durability: The inherent skin extends the life-cycle of the fabric, a key gauge in sustainability. Most of the patterns have been tested for over 200,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek), which is over 10 times the requirement for General Contract Upholstery.
Disinfectability: All Zenus patterns are bleach (4:1) and Virex cleanable, killing bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. Inherently Anti-Bacterial: Zenus is inherently anti-bacterial (AATCC-100). No biocide or anti-microbial chemical was added for healthy environment.

Can I make Custom Designs/Colors?

Yes, we can make custom designs and colors. Low minimum quantity is required. Please inquire for more information.
*US & International Patents Registered/Pending