Tekloom is engineered using a new technology to chemically bond together a woven textile with the high-performance characteristics of a coated fabric – creating a durable and beautiful textile.

Tekloom has revolutionized the contract market in terms of durability and cleaning. Tekloom has been in the making for over a decade through continuous R&D and testing.

Tekloom is a new product category, a hybrid of a woven textile and coated fabric. It combines the aesthetic of woven textile with the high-performance characteristic of coated fabrics to create a fused textile.

Tekloom is the most ink & stain resistant woven textile fabric in the industry. Stains can be easily cleaned with just a dry towel and water or an eraser so no complicated cleaning procedure is necessary. Cleanable stains include ink, wine, blood, denim, mustard etc…

Tested for abrasion by an independent lab, Tekloom passed over one million Wyzenbeek double rubs with no change to Tekloom’s surface. The surface TPE firmly protects the woven material.

Tekloom is manufactured to include a moisture barrier on the surface, making the product impermeable, and prevent moistures, spills, and stains from entering the textile layer and foam underneath.

Tekloom can be used on all indoor upholstery applications for a wide range of high-traffic interiors. Tekloom is suitable for restaurants, senior living facilities, healthcare environments, and all interiors that require high-performance textiles.